8" Hanging Basket Live Boston Fern Plant - G & J Florist

8" Hanging Basket Live Boston Fern Plant

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EASY CARE! Water Boston Fern to keep soil consistently moist. If the soil
dries out, the fronds may turn brown and crispy. Never allow the soil to
become saturated. Boston Ferns enjoy high humidity, so give it a good

LOVES INDOOR LIGHT: Boston Fern loves bright to medium light; do not place
in direct sun.

REAP HEALTH BENEFITS: Studies show that Boston Fern helps cleanse indoor air, removing toxins such as toluene and xylene. Plus, leafy green plants improve your mood and reduce stress.

ENJOY LIVING HOME DÉCOR: Boston Fern is a voluptuous, easy-care fern that grows well indoors as well as on porches and patios. Its arching branches covered with soft, emerald-green fronds . Keep for yourself or give as a gift!