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Small portulacaria afra

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Spekboom (Portulacaria) is an easy to grow succulent plant that does best in full sun or bright, indirect light. It only needs watering when dry. It is the most efficient plant at removing harmful Carbon Dioxide from the air.

It is recommended that one plant be placed in each room.Mini Jade Plant. Portulacaria afra. This very unusual and colorful plant is a slower growing succulent with dark green leaves and dark stems. It is an excellent house plant for a sunny window. It is native to Africa and likes to go dry between watering.

It is also excellent for bonsai! It has a pale pink flower. The fleshy trunk, branches and leaves are able to store water for a long period of time which makes it particularly well suited for offices, dormitory rooms, or anyone not wanting to be a slave to their plants. The plant you will receive is similar to the one pictured above.